Recycled garments will soon be a fashion must.  Why wear what everyone can get their hands on when you can recreate old garments into a one of a kind piece that no one else has.  Its good for the environment and creates less consumption.  Consumers only know how to buy and spend and keep buying and spending without realizing the chain reaction it causes.  People suffer and are treated inhumanly due to the use of sweatshops and mass production only so that they can supply consumers with what they want and what they think they need.  These laborers work long hours everyday to supply our demand for cheap clothing.  So much time and work is put into the production of clothing and once it gets into the hands of consumers, everything is expected to eventually become garbage no matter how new or old, but is based on whether the garment is still considered fashionable or out of style. .  Recycled materials and old garments can be recreated into almost anything. You are the creative mind behind what old garments can become.  Throwing things away is wasteful when you know that the life of the garment is isn’t over and can be renewed.

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