Sketches for Lucy Orta Project

Jennifer Alonso

Stephanie Luong

Edith Garcia

Art 304

Project 2



Lucy Orta was inspired to create art that is fashion yet sends a positive message, provokes attention to an issue that we all overlook because we are not affected by it. Although we do not know whether or not her work motivates people to change or impacts them in any way to realize that there are problems in this world besides their own.  Her work shows people that there is a solution, and that working together is the key. 

In our project, we want to design a garment that connects people.  We want to send a message of unity and togetherness. At CSULA, there is such a diverse group of people, most of whom only know how to stick to their routine, such as going to class every day.  We rarely see strangers interacting with one another unless we are told to.  We want our garment to attach strangers (students) together so that they feel as if they are a unit or a part of something positive.  We want our garment to draw people’s attention to us while we three are connected together, and that they will question what we are doing. With that mutual interaction we can explain to them our cause and purpose for what we are doing and hope that they want to join us and from there we will connect them to us forming a bigger chain of diverse people who are willing to work together to send a message and to show that unity and togetherness is possible between strangers and diverse groups.

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