The original intention for the work was to create a happening and an unveiling of a naked form in a public space. The idea was to have a photograph of a naked woman put onto a form and then covered with post-its that say “take me” on each one. The form would then be put into a public space and slowly, the naked form would be revealed in a public space and be recorded during the process. It had no social agenda or statement, it was intriguing to me have the public disrupted by this object that would not normally be seen in a public arena. It was also an experiment, no one knew if the image was going to be revealed or not. The idea changed after the first meeting with the professors. Stephanie and Pricilla did not clearly see the idea behind the unveiling and thought that it would make more sense to have a message or a statement for the happening. They came up with AIDS awareness, Going-Green, and Breast Cancer as the themes for the forms. There was no longer going to be a naked form underneath but a collage of images. Instead of the post-its saying, “take me” they would have information about the intended cause.  So that instead of having a blank post-it the person would go away with information about the intended cause.

The use of the form was always intended for an unveiling, so it was necessary to use something that was human size and shape. Then while in a public place people would be able to recognize it as a human form and be able to relate. The use of the pos-its instead of any other type of material was simple; we needed a material that was disposable, easy to manipulate and could have text put on it.  With the post-it having its own adhesive it was a perfect fit. The color red is used to support and give awareness about AIDS, so it was the perfect choice. Later Stephanie and Pricilla thought it would be best to put “HELP” on the post-its so that people would be more compelled to take the post-it off the form.

The collaborative process can be great and have some excellent outcomes. While working with other people also can have its downsides as well, the clashing of ideas, the miss communication, or lack there of in general. But through it all we found that we were able to complete the pieces to our best understanding. At first there were two totally different ideas that were brought from both sides but then one was decided upon and the project took off from there. Along with having meetings with the professors with and without the whole group the ideas changed around a few times before the end result came to full fruition. The lack of communication was our biggest problem but at the end we came together. With the changes we made, the final product was not very successful; with no “take me” sign, people were too afraid to take a post it.

The Cut Piece that Yoko Ono did in 1965, was very compelling. . The unveiling of her body was inspiring. She made herself so vulnerable and that vulnerability was what   made our piece more than just an idea, but turned it into our own happening.

Our strength was having 3 persons with strong ideas and attitudes. I would change making the meetings mandatory and with stronger consequences. In the final project I would change was putting a take me sign, and putting the dress form in a more public place. I was originally talked about in one the first meetings, but Stephanie and Pricilla thought it would be better on a college campus.

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