Cultural Influence

The garment that I chose is a scarf that my ama knitted for me.  For her, raising a family in China with little money made it very difficult for her to provide necessary and basic items to her five childen. This scarf represents her past and the hardships that she had to go through to give her children a better life.  She’s in her 70s now and knits very little and will only knit for her husband and her grandkids (Me!!) Her children grew up wearing knitted onesies and sweaters etc. because they couldn’t afford clothes. There was no one to teach her to knit so she watched a woman knit while babysitting her kids because she knew that knitting clothes was the only way she could afford to dress her children.  Watching my grandma turn this glittery dark gray yarn into a scarf was amazing. She had all these design ideas that she wanted to incorporate into the scarf but I just wanted a simple scarf. She finished in one day and made sure that it was perfect because if not, she would unravel the whole thing like it was no big deal and start over.  I hated when she did that because I saw how much time and effort she had already put in. This garment influences my personal dress style beacuse it makes me appreciate the hard work that is put into making any grament.  She made me realize that back then and still in some countries today being able to make things for yourself is a skill that you will take with you where ever life takes you. She is one of the main reasons why I want to design. Having one of a kind garments with a story to every piece are the best garments out there.

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