Fashion and Gender

Does your dress follow traditional gender rolls?

No, although I do wear skirts and dresses, I’m usually in a pair of jeans and a basic top.

How does your gender influence your apparel choices?

My clothing is very feminine.  I like comfort for casual wear (skinny jeans and tank top), and form fitting and often short skirts and dresses for other occasions.  My clothing choices make me feel and look more feminine, which I like.  Dressing differently or more masculine would cause me to feel out of place, unless it’s feminized then that’s ok.  My clothing is made up of fun colors and prints such as bows and polka dots.  I also like to wear flowing garments that make me feel feminine and dressed up.  Pink has been my favorite color ever since I was 5.  Back then because the pink starburst was my favorite candy and now because I’m a girly girl.  I don’t like to wear the color pink, but my room is pretty pinkified.  The most masculine print I have would be stripes.

In what ways do you dress outside of your gender?                                      The only time I dress outside of my gender is when I’m wearing guys basketball shorts and an oversized t-shirt at home or running errands such as grocery shopping.  Jeans are a norm for me so I don’t consider that dressing outside of my gender, but it isn’t traditional dress for a woman.

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