The Eroticised Body

‘Dresssing up in Undress’

As underwear as outerwear became a fashion statement for women to embrace their sexuality, it also empowered women to do and wear as they please.  Although they were somewhat still controlled by society as to what form of dress was seen as appropriate and what should be kept private.  Women embraced underwear as outerwear as a way to embody their sexuallity without exposing their entire body.  What is considered too revealing? is it considered sexy or inappropriate?


When revealing under garments, there is a sophisticated way of dress that allows you to show just enough to attract attention, yet also leave room for imagination.  This form of dress through my eyes is considered appropriate and classy.  There is a balance between sexuality and modesty that is empowering to a woman. Showing too much in public leaves viewers confused not knowing what to think, or how to respond.

‘Clothing is a form of identity’ and showing your body is ‘degrading and shameful.’ I think that showing off ones body through dress is a form of expression. Yes, there is such a thing as revealing too much, but underwear as outerwear is a popular form of dress to display one’s sexuality and is commonly seen on the runway and in peoples’ everyday wear.  People believe in what is appropriate and what isn’t based on what society has conditioned them to believe. 

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