Living Dolls

The modern woman who allies herself with fashions newness in a struggle against natural decay represses her own reproductive powers, mimics the mannequin, and enters history as a dead object.

Women often lose themselves to be become accepted by what society says is right and is how they should look to be considered perfect.  Women will go above and beyond to change themselves.

The installation suggested that the generic female body of modernism was a body that was manipulated, produced and standardized, like the models body, through the canons of beauty that determined its representation.

Women often look to models and compare themselves to all that they don’t have. Im not skinny enough, my nose is too big, I have small eyes.  This leads women to take drastic measures such as plastic surgury to make themselves feel beautiful on the outside and dead on the inside.

Women are dehumanized by being represented as a kind of automaton, a living doll.

Because woman are compared to dolls, it puts pressure on us to be perfect. We lose our confidence and will do almost anything to change ourselves into a doll? Is it to plese ourselves or to please others.

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