My first experience dressing as a lolita was Halloween weekend in Las Vegas. I wanted to replicate an actual doll with huge eyes, pale face/ rosy cheeks, and small lips. It was my last night so I went to xs at encore hotel. I was so excited and absolutely loved my costume until I entered the hotel. Everyone was in costume for the most part so I had no idea why I felt so awkward and uncomfortable. People stared, but no one approached me. I was so self conscious. Later I realized that I was so uncomfortable because I was so covered up. when I go to a club I dress a certain way and dressed as a doll with so much makeup on just wasn’t me even on halloween. Once the weekend was over, my proposal was due and being a Lolita didn’t appeal to me anymore, but since I had already made the dress I felt that I should stick with it.

My dresses!!

Shiro/ Cosplay Lolita

Sweet Lolita

Ero Lolita

My first day out as Chloe ❤ *******************************************************************************

First reaction my boyfriends mom!
– shocked, grunted like scared, then laughed and asked what I was doing.
– my reaction- kept laughing, embarrassed.
Walking out of the house was easy, went straight to car and we were on our way. the car ride was awful! I kept repeating I can’t do it, I can’t do it, ahh I don’t want to go!! don’t make me go! We have arrived.. first stop Chase Bank ATM.. 3 pm with my boyfriend-
he felt fine around me like I dressed like this everyday. I was more nervous and embarrassed and wanted to hide.

Peoples reactions–
Guy with gf saw me and looked back twice, but the girl never looked at me. An old lady stared at me with wide eyes like she didn’t know what to think!

Another lady said u look beautiful r u getting married? I said no and before I could explain, she asked then r u goin to an event or party? I told her I was a Lolita (Japanese fashion). and this is how I dress everyday. And that we were here to eat ramen.
Hispanic guys stared and one didn’t look away even when I looked at them. It was a curious stare..
Tamaya restaurant.. When entered ppl looked up from table and stared.. 2 little girls kept staring with eyes following me until I was seated. Very uncomfortable since the restaurant was 2/3s filled and and the entire restaurant faced the door.
waiter was neutral.. no response. A woman came in. I looked at her and she smiled like she was caught looking.
left restaurant.. saw black couple. Man walked and stared as he passed me and when I looked at him he smiled. the woman didn’t look at me.
albertsons.. ppl stared I bought candy 🙂

movies.– added wig for Cosplay Lolita ppl stared..Entered mall

— guy walking in front of me turned back to look. 2 black girls walking by said I looked cute to each other. Ppl inside theatre stared and looked me up and down. were mostly young ppl. hard to get to seats through isles in Lolita dress. limited seating so walked to very top through a group of Tweens stared nonstop as i passed them and had to do it again and moved to get seats at bottom cuz they were too loud. After movie.
shopping at mall.. food court.. ppl stare

Club Belasco

Went with friends- picked up- no reaction didn’t even ask why I was dressed like that. Until we brought it up. asked what they first thought.. They thought I was getting married.

Latino nite.. lots of dirty looks when walking pass line
stood in line.. ppl stare. cuz were Asian bouncer said dont u guys come on saturdays(Asian nite) in club- felt in place. Less ppl stare. was drunk. alot thought I was getting married. someone else told us u know Saturday nite is Asian nite rite? haha jeez Asians aren’t allowed on Latin nite. took pics was asked to take pic with others and in bathroom. so many girls- some said I looked cute! others talked shit. had fun left to go to dennys! ppl looked but i didn’t care or notice cuz I was drunk.. poor chloe threw up about 5 times at Denny’s and twice at home 😦 end of day 1.

Day 2:: Chloe at the park and bar in Gardena

Older crowd- lots of stares. met a Japanese couple! they loved my look! talked to me throughout the night. told me I should go to japan.. that the people there would love me and my style! they were sooo nice! some people were haters and creepers. One guy thought I was a stripper there to surprise his friend for his birthday. Others were interested and asked questions. Fun and interesting night! also learned about Lily Tomlin as Edith Ann.

Overall, my days as Chloe are sadly over. People loved to stare at me dressed as a Lolita. The attention made me feel awkward and uncomfortable for the most part, but when going out and drinking, I was able to loosen up and better embody myself as Chloe and really saw what it was like to be a quiet shy and embarrassed Lolita versus a more social Lolita. Getting all dolled up and taking pictures was my favorite part! I learned that when your someone your not based on how you dress, it changes you internally as well as externally for that moment in time. You feel less confident in yourself and because you feel uncomfortable with what you have on the outside, it causes you to be uncomfortable on the inside, to a point where you don’t know how to be yourself and you’re unsure how you should act or feel since you are dressed outside your comfort zone.

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