My brand will mainly appeal to women.  Clothing that has multiple functions when paired together and is like buying two garments in one.  The age group that I will focus on is women between the ages of 20-30.  My garments will range from $100-$500. The class of people that I want to appeal to is middle class to a higher class.  Have both affordable items and more expensive items all made with high quality materials. The colors that I chose for my logo are black and hot pink. I chose this because the hot pink outlines the black logo making it stand out and will be appealing to women. I believe it will attract customers because of the color choice and the elegance of the logo. it represents myself as a designer and shows my customer base that the brand is ultra feminine and ranges in prices to satisfy any woman’s wallet.

Concept statement for branding project:  should include, customer base, age, price point, class, gender, etc.  All the things you should know about your customer to make the sale.

Things to consider when developing a brand.

What colors are you going to use, why?

How will the brand attract the customer and reflect the product?

Here is an interesting link on the subject

and another one

and one more, scroll down and check out the graphic of the process

there are many methods but i think you will find these helpful.

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