Where the body ends


Inspiration: Suzanne Lacy – 3 Weeks in May

3 Weeks in May was a performance that was held over a 3 week period during the late 1970′s; which was done to raise awareness about women being raped and assaulted in the Los Angeles Area. The performance started May 8, 1977 which was Mother’s Day; however, Suzanne Lacy stenciled the word RAPE in dark red where actual raped occurred and were reported. The lighted shades of the word rape on the map represented and indicated possible raped that could have occurred in the area but not reported or confirmed to local enforcement.

We decided to keep the original theme of Suzanne Lacy’s work by creating stencils of our own and replicating them on the garment. To replicate the map of Los Angeles, we decided to draw and embroider onto the fabric. The red leotard signifies the pain and the suffering a woman goes through after the tragic incident. It also indicates a specific stereotype; that, women who are raped are sluts and they ask for it. It’s not necessarily true because most attacks are random and are not really expecting it. The white chiffon shows the womans innocence and purity. The bottom layer of the skirt was stenciled with the word rape and the top layer was embroidered with a map of Los Angeles. To comment on the dark undertones of the subject, we left the piece with raw edges showing the imperfections.The overall meaning  of the garment is to continue to raise awareness; this just did not occur in the late 70′s but its still happening today.

Collaboration: Working in a group with others let you see ever ones strength and weaknesses. The great thing about working together is we did our work efficiently and in a timely manner. We maintained and kept a consistent schedule so we could accomplish our goals in finishing the garment. Everyone played a great role in creating this garment. As a group, we divided the work up to different jobs: Stephanie did the patternmaking and sewed the leotard, Keykeana cut the fabric for the skirt and sewed it, and Daphne did the stenciling and embroidery.

Final Garment

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